Teenage Driver Education FAQs

We allow students age 14½ - 18 to attend the course. A student may start the classroom portion of the course at age 14½, but they must be at least 15 years of age to get a learner permit and do the driving portion of the course.

Our tuition includes all of the classroom and driving times. The fees for the DPS to issue the learner permit and license are not included. Tuition for the courses does not include the road test.

Yes. A minimum of half of the tuition is due upon enrollment the first day. The remaining balance is due by the end of the second week.

We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, Zell, American Express and Discover.

None, but teenagers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign up.
VOE stands for Verification of Enrollment and is issued by the school attendance office. This form may only be issued if the student has satisfactory attendance. During the school year, a signed VOE form is valid for 30 days. Forms remain valid through summer break if they are signed during the last week of the school year.

If the student is under the age of 18, the state requires that they have satisfactory attendance in a secondary school or hold a diploma or GED before acquiring a driver permit or license. Without the VOE form, diploma, or GED, a student CANNOT complete the course or obtain a license of any kind. If the student is 18, the VOE form is no longer required.

Please see our resource page to download a VOE form.

No, we only review them to make sure you have everything in order for the DPS to issue the learner permit.

Yes, we ask that they bring a one-subject spiral notebook and a pencil to all classes to keep notes throughout the course. We will provide all other learning materials to the student, including the driver handbook.

The permit test can be administered in our classroom after the first 6 hours are completed, as long as the student is at least age 15. In most cases, the test is given on the Thursday of the first week. After successful completion of the permit test, the student and their parent or legal guardian must take the DE964 form along with the other required documents to the DPS to obtain the learner permit. Please see the DPS website for a complete list of requirements prior to going to the DPS. A link to the DPS website is available on our resources page.

You will need to check with your individual insurance company. The student is fully covered by our insurance while driving in our cars with our instructors.

The student is fully covered by our insurance company.

The complete course consists of 32 hours of classroom instruction and 14 hours in-car. The classroom portion is broken up into 16 two-hour classes that take place over a 3-4 week period. The driving portion is separated into 7 two-hour lessons where the student drives one hour and observes during the remaining hour. Specific scheduling varies based on location, start date, and the choices the student makes in scheduling their driving time. While an exact completion time cannot be given, most students finish within 4-8 weeks.

Yes, students can complete the classroom portion of our course separately. However, to complete the driver education program in Texas, the student would be required to complete the driving portion with another driving school or an accredited parent-taught program.

Yes, if the student has proof that they have completed the classroom portion with an accredited driving school in the state of Texas.

Parent-taught programs can transfer to commercial driving schools, we can offer the 32 hours of classroom time and transfer it back to the parent. We can also offer the in-car portion and transfer it back to the parent.

The student has 180 days (6 months) from the start of the course to complete all classroom and driving hours.

If the student is unable to complete the course within the allotted timeframe, they will need to talk with the location supervisor to discuss their options.

You are allowed up to 5 absences during the classroom portion of the course. Any classes that are missed must be made up at the location. The student must make arrangements with the location for the particular makeup schedule.

Students that enroll for the same date and time will be in the same classroom session. Our driving times consist of 2 students and 1 instructor. If the students would like to schedule drive times together, they just need to let us know. While we can often accommodate this request, please keep in mind that it sometimes takes longer to complete the driving portion this way.

In this particular situation, we would recommend that you discuss your student's individual needs with the location's supervisor. We appreciate advance notice in these situations so that we may work together to make the student's experience a success.

Most insurance companies will offer a 10% discount on liability insurance, but you will need to check with your provider to see if this discount is available for your policy.

We drive late model mid size sedans. Our cars are well maintained to ensure the safety of the students and to avoid problems. We also install an additional brake so that the instructor may stop the vehicle if necessary.

Any student under the age of 18 must hold their learner permit for at least 6 months from the date the permit was issued, be at least 16 years of age, log at least 30 hours of practice driving at home, have successfully completed a driver education course, and pass an in-car test at the DPS to get their driver license.

Hardship licenses are issued by and at the discretion of the DPS. The person applying for a hardship license must be at least 15 years of age and complete driver education. Please see the DPS website for more detailed information regarding the application process for a hardship license.

Cost Of driver's license for adults is now 43.00 and teens 26.00